The City of Several Attractions

Belfast, the capital of the Northern Island is located on the River Lagan flood plain. A maximum portion of the city is located in the county Antrim, but the county Down also includes little of the southern and eastern parts of Belfast.

Belfast is the 14th largest city in the United Kingdom by population. The city is historically popular for its Lenin and shipbuilding industries and for other small industries like rope making, tobacco production, etc. Moreover, its topographical location makes it a source for some natural wonders. Therefore, it can be said that both the economic development of the city and its natural beauty have been the main attractions for tourists from all over the world, for many years.

Belfast Culture

The total population of Belfast splits evenly between catholic and protestant communities and these two different cultural groups contribute to the city's overall cultural development. During the troubled period of 1998, Belfast has emerged as a center of economical, social and cultural transformation and has been popular internationally. Since then, people from different countries participated in the festivals organized by the city. Records say that as many as 2 million people attended the cultural and art events of Belfast during 2004-05 and this situation also influenced the economy of the country.

Belfast is also popular for its music bands, music schools and for the Ulster Orchestra, which is the only (full time) orchestra operating in Northern Ireland. Most of the music schools here concentrate on teaching Ireland's traditional music, along with the newly developed forms of music. Some traditional music bands are also there that keeps performing throughout the city. Here are some reputed venues of Belfast where concerts on traditional music are organized:

  • The Hercules and Maddens Bar
  • The Kelly's Cellar

Brian Kennedy, the Mc Peaks and the 9Lies are some of the famous artists and bands that perform in these places.

Along with listening and experimenting on music, Belfast people are also fond of playing and watching games. Seven out of the ten adults here are involved in some or the other sport activities. Rugby, cricket, ice hockey, football, Gaelic games are among the popular sports in Belfast. The city also earns huge revenue every year from the NHL ice hockey league. The Belfast Giants is one of the popular clubs here that has records of winning the league several times.

The Shipping Industry in Belfast

In the last 100 years, Belfast has been popular for its growing ship building industries. It is the biggest industry here that employs a large number of the Belfast's population. This industry has the record of employing at least one member from most individual families. The shipbuilding industry of Belfast also has the record of producing the best and the biggest ocean liners so far.

Shipbuilding in Belfast started in the year 1791. However, when G.W. Wolff and Edward. J. Harland established the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard in the year 1862, the industry reached the next level. The famous creations by this company are the RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic, White Star, and Britannic. However, Harland and Wolff is not the top ranked shipyard any more as it was before. At present, it works as a ship repair and offshore fabrication yard. During its booming period, the organization employed more than 30,000 people.

Things to Do In Belfast

The Titanic Story: Only in this North Ireland city one can trace the story of the famous Titanic ship to its source. Here visitors come to know about the passion and pride of the people who built and designed the ship. Visiting Belfast, you can relive the excitements of that Titanic era even today.

Funny Activities for the Families Coming to Belfast

Several locations like the Science Museum (W5), the candy factory and the Belfast zoo attract and entertain both the young and adult members of the family. The zoological garden is located in the Northern Part of Belfast on Cave Hill slope. This garden is home to 150 species and around 1000 animals. However, while visiting the garden you have to be cautious because a few of the species here are wild in nature. Popular attractions of the garden are the sea lions of California, Asian Elephants, The Warty Pigs, The Sun Bears of Malaysia, the Sakis, the Sifakas, kangaroos and tigers from Sumatra.

Everything Else

Moreover, if you are fond of music you can attend the shows, mentioned in the article, during your Belfast visit. Otherwise, you can attend the Ice Hokey leagues, arranged in winter to enjoy the real vibration of the city. In addition, to be a part of Belfast's culture you can attend any of the programs like

  • Belfast Mela,
  • The Pub Walking Trip,
  • The Music and Beer Festival in Hilden,
  • The Art Festival in East Belfast,
  • Clandeboye Festival as well.